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Marriage is a Committment to Your Spouse - 740 Words

â€Å"Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go.â€Å"―Erich Fromm. With love and promises comes a life changing situation- marriage. So at what age is it appropriate to marry? Teenage marriage has become a subject that many people have disagreed on over the last few decades. Some say that teenagers are not mature enough to marry, while others argue that if a teenager truly loves someone they should get married. If love is a promise, are teenagers prepared to make a commitment to marry someone else? Even though teenage marriage should be discouraged, the marriage can be successful if the couple puts Jesus first. Marriage is a commitment to your spouse. It is an obligation and a promise that you will keep for a lifetime no matter how difficult it may be (Ayer 16). Matthew 19:6 says, What therefore God has joined together let not man sep arate. For this reason, marriage is far more than a human social contract; it is a divine covenant. Marriage is a permanent commitment; it is entered into by the husband and the wife before God as a witness. Because it is ultimately God who joins the couple together, the husband and the wife vow to each other till death do us part† (Kostenberger 5). This view of marriage has changed over the years- husband’s and wife’s roles, the reasons for marriage, and the amount of marriages and

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The World And A Grand Symbol Of Papal Authority Essay

During the Late Renaissance period, the largest church in the world and a grand symbol of papal authority was built within the territory of the Vatican City. Principally designed by famous architects, such as Michelangelo, Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno and Gian Bernini Lorenzo, St Peter’s Basilica- built between 1506 to 1626- is one of the greatest Renaissance architectures and is regarded as â€Å"the greatest of all churches of Christendom†. Believed to be the site of Saint Peter’s tomb, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and considered to be the first pope, the ground in which the basilica stands is one of the holiest places in the world. Evidence state that the tomb of Saint Peter is located directly beneath the altar of the Basilica. Due to being such a holy place, the Basilica contains many tombs of popes and famous religious sculptures, such as the Pieta of Michelangelo. Admired for its Renaissance architecture, with a fusion with Baroque architecture in the later years of building, the Basilica of St. Peter also holds great meaning; thus in order to emphasize its importance, it took several years to design and completely build the dome (and the Basilica itself). Consequently, the greatest architects and artists were involved . The Roman public hall, known as a basilica, is usually a rectangular building with side aisles behind the rows of columns which support the main walls. The focus of attention is at the end opposite the entrance, where a raised platform isShow MoreRelatedThe Grail As A Symbol Of Divine Grace1695 Words   |  7 Pages(Holy Grail – Crystalinks). In Parzival, Wolfram von Eschenbach, citing the authority of a certain (probably fictional) Kyot the Provenà §al, claimed the Grail was a stone that fell from Heaven, and had been the sanctuary of the Neutral Angels who took neither side during Lucifer s rebellion. The authors of the Vulgate Cycle used the Grail as a symbol of divine grace. Galahad, illegitimate son of Lancelot and Elaine, the world s greatest knight and the Grail Bearer at the castle of Corbenic, is destinedRead MoreEssay about Faustus Study and Opening Speech3593 Words   |  15 Pagesacademic setting of the scene. In proceeding through the various intellectual disc iplines and citing authorities for each, he is following the dictates of medieval scholarship, which held that learning was based on the authority of the wise rather than on experimentation and new ideas. This soliloquy, then, marks Faustus’s rejection of this medieval model, as he sets aside each of the old authorities and resolves to strike out on his own in his quest to become powerful through magic. As is true throughoutRead MoreEssay about Renaissance Figures2969 Words   |  12 Pagessubservient Thomas Cranmer became archbishop of Canterbury. He immediately pronounced Henrys marriage to Katharine invalid. Papal powers were transferred to the king, who became the supreme head of the English church. The break with Rome was now complete, and the Church of England was established. The king dealt harshly with rebellions against the abolition of papal supremacy and the dissolution of the monasteries. The end of Henrys reign saw a gradual move toward Protestantism. HenryRead MoreThe Philippine Architecture: Spanish Colonial Period18287 Words   |  74 Pagesarchitecture reflect Filipino identity? Discuss the various building types and their relationship to pre-colonial architecture in your arguments. Spanish colonial architecture reflects Filipino identity mostly through the Religious Architecture. As what the world knows, Philippines is the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia; thus, most of our structures all over the archipelago were Catholic Churches due to the influence of Catholicism. Filipino Identity was basically patterned from the Spanish; the wayRead MoreSda Manual Essay101191 Words   |  405 PagesChurch Manual ............................................ xxii The Present Edition ..................................................................... xxiii CHAPTER 1 Authority of the Church and the Church Manual ......................... Church Authority in the Early Church .......................................... Church Authority in the Seventh-day Adventist Church ............... CHAPTER 2 Church of the Living God ................................................................ No Wall of Partition

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Coe Framework And Ethical Dispositions Comparison Matrix...

COE Framework and Ethical Dispositions Comparison Matrix Instructions:In the left-hand column, list seven instances of overlap between the Association of American Educators’ four principles of ethical teachers and the Teacher Candidate Proficiencies in Conceptual Framework. Be sure to cite each appropriately. In the right-hand column, state the priority from 1-7 (â€Å"1† being the most important) youwould assign this concept as an educator.State and defend your rationale. Use research to support your rationale. Comparison of overlapping statements regarding teacher ethics Priority of specific ethical disposition/protocol and rationale Example: â€Å"The professional educator continues to grow professionally†(AAE, 2001). â€Å"Learners will develop the values, commitments, and ethics that positively impact the educational community as well as the educator’s own professional growth.† (COE-GCU Framework, 2010). Example: Priority ranking : 5 I have ranked the issue of Professional Growthat number five because†¦Actually, Meninger (1986) said that†¦ Technology Integration—â€Å"Learners will be able to select and use applicable technology to enhance learning experiences.†(COE-GCU Framework,2011) P-I.3—â€Å"The professional educator continues professional growth.†(AAE,2014) Priority Ranking:6 I have ranked this issue of technology integration number 6 because technology is used to magnify learning. â€Å"Teachers make thoughtful use of computers and other technology in the classroom, not to replaceShow MoreRelatedConceptual Framework Ethical Dispositions Essay1262 Words   |  6 PagesEDU 576 Conceptual Framework amp; Ethical Dispositions Dr. Susan Meredith Framework and Ethical Dispositions Comparison Matrix Instructions: In the left-hand column, list 7 instances of overlap between the two documents by asserting the comparison of the overlapping statements. Be sure to cite each appropriately. In the right-hand column, state the priority from 1-7, (â€Å"1† being the most important) you would assign this concept as an educator; state and defend your rationale. Use research toRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pages(but by no means all) of it seeks to meet the presumed concerns and needs of particular potential users – managers. This agenda has highly influenced the development of organization theory in that it has tried to provide managers with theoretical frameworks that they can deploy to best achieve competitive advantage. At the heart of management, just like any other social practice, is theory. For instance, managers have a role that usually entails their active intervention in their organizations in order

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Diversity and Equality in Workplace free essay sample

Simple concepts as understanding, spoken and non-verbal communications are challenges when addressing a group of employees of differing race and origins. Traditional rewards, compensations and reprimands used for motivating or disciplining employees becomes less effective as the workplace composition changes (Atewologun and Val Singh, 2010). We will write a custom essay sample on Diversity and Equality in Workplace or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The most difficult and specific challenge for managers that may appear is their commitment and behaviour to defend and protect the workers from discrimination. This barrier almost certainly is the most effective strategy to decrease the number of discrimination. Knowledge of the individuals’ diversity is the key to understanding and resolving what is perceived as different. Sensitivity or awareness training is used, as a catalyst for distributing this type needed information. Also minority managers, when assuming a new management position, go through an extended period of time in which they are closely scrutinised by subordinates, peer and supervisors. Unfortunately, this period of examination often difficult to find the behaviour of the subordinates and the reinforcement of the management system is difficult to implement in the short time (Atewologun and Val Singh, 2010). Another factor that managers of differing race may be careful because sometimes the subordinate has identical race as the managers, and they obtain extraordinary ‘treatment’ from the managers. This is an important point because it touches on the subordinates’ perception of equality. For instance, minority managers who are as well in minority group speaking a different language may be tempted to communicate with individuals of the identical race in their native language. The â€Å"non-special† subordinate think there is extraordinary relationship between manager and some individual with same race as the managers, in their mind. Unfortunately, this perception will also steer the mind of the â€Å"non-special† subordinate that the minority manager give extraordinary treatment and that this difference may influence his decision when it comes to promotions, raises, and special treatments (Atewologun and Val Singh, 2010). Another source of potential problem is when minority managers sometimes encounter difficulties in his or her efforts to control their subordinate (Leadership problem). Hesitation by the employees in accepting the authority for a minority manager is not uncommon (Atewologun and Val Singh, 2010). Problem may also manifest them as a power struggle of intelligence. A manager may find resistance in convincing subordinates that his ideas have merit. This struggle is a reflection of the low intolerance of minorities stereotype. If this becomes an irritating issue with the manager he may resort to â€Å"flexing his managerial rights† either coerces or legitimates (i. e. perform the task because I am the boss) undermining any possible team building efforts (Atewologun and Val Singh, 2010). Particular challenges arise from gender and ethnic social categories, visible markers of membership of less powerful groups in the workplace. The intersection of these categories also merits investigation, as stereotypes often arise from a particular combination of categories. For instance, the African-American female ‘‘Mammy’’ label of a self-sacrificing woman, caring, and loyal is drawn from images of the ‘‘chief caretaker’’ slaves of the plantation master and family. Bell and Nkomo (2005) warn that focusing on her emotional and nurturing style downplays the black professional woman’s competence. Women are often stereotyped as emotional, mater nalistic and nurturing – characteristics incompatible with the manager/leader role (Roberts, 2005). Another stereotype is ‘‘Sapphire’’, an aggressive, sassy, bossy, and ‘‘drama queen’’. A black professional woman perceived in this way may be criticized or even ostracized for individual outspoken and abrasive, with co-workers responding to her behavior and not her skill. Bosses may also see her as not fitting requirements for management (Bell and Nkomo, 2001). Cases in UK: Diversity and Equality for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual According to DTI (2005), there are estimated 6 per cent of UK population is lesbian gay or bisexual (LGB). There has been difficult to research their presence because they are shy to confess, and some of them is scared if society reject them. In 2006, London Metropolitan University held a conference to investigate their presence. The conference was planning to make a two-year research project with support by the Higher Education European Social Fund (HEESF). HEESF has been experiencing the investigation about LGB workers because the introduction of Employment Equality Regulation in 2003 at UK. In recent studied by Mark Bell (2003) from University of Leicester, founded the implementation of Employment Equality Regulation, which required all European Union countries to introduce special legislation to fight discrimination of sexual harassment, was a long way from complete because only some countries like Luxemburg and Germany had yet to introduce legislation to this issue.

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History Of Art Essays - Visual Arts, Painting, Egyptian Hieroglyphs

History Of Art The body has been used as a sign or symbol in art for centuries. The body was used to symbolize perfection in ancient Greece, and in Egypt, to give a precise image for the God of the After-life. Not to mention their colossal monuments which promote power and glory, and are used to intimidate. However contemporary artists use the body as a symbol which conveys a whole range of different kinds of layered meaning, although the simple symbol of power has not been lost over the centuries. Ancient Greek sculptures of the body are a medium between man and the gods, they are an ideal of physical perfection. The female figure of c.650-625 B.C. (fig. 123) and a nude male youth of c.600 B.C. (fig. 124) are perfect examples of the use of symbols to convey meaning. These statues, Kore (maiden) and Kouros (youth) were produced in large numbers, all being virtually the same in outline. Their general names emphasised the need for the statues to remain unidentified and the lack of personal character. Some were placed on graves only to be viewed as representations of the deceased in the broadest sense (completely impersonal). And some were used as offerings, for example: for a favoured person like the victor in an athletic competition.The strange lack of differentiation seems to be part of the character of these figures. They are neither gods nor men, but rather somewhere in between, a symbol of physical perfection, an ideal shared by not only humans but also immortals, the gods. Moreover, statues of the body in Ancient Greek art were also used to capture the image of the gods themselves. Nine of Samothrace (fig. 181)has a dramatic impact on the viewer. It is the image of the goddess descending upon the prow of a ship. The beauty of the shapes that the body creates, glorifies and beautifies the goddess. It is a symbol of the power and immortality of the gods and the sole purpose of the artist is to convey this beauty and power to the people of Ancient Greece. Ancient Egypt is also another place in which the body was used as a symbol or sign. Colossal monuments such as The Great Temple of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel was a symbol of great power and wealth, as only pharaohs were able to create these monuments. Size was everything to the Egyptian pharaohs, it was the primary key to emphasise and increase their power and worshipers. The wonderful inscriptions and hieroglyphs found on temple walls were of great importance. The use of the body in the relief work on the temple walls were used to convey a perfect image of the deceased to the God of the After life. The detail and intricacy of the body was to insure that they could be recreated to perfection in their life after death. Contemporary works that use the body as a sign or symbol, are found in abundance. Works as simple as a portrait can have a great impact on people. Portraits such as that of Hitler, during World War, I had enormous effects on the people of the Jewish religion. To have these huge portraits of Hitler's face all over the country insured his control and power over the turn of events and the Jews. Victims by Jose Clemente Orozco is of the Symbolist art movement. The name of this movement is indicative of the precise purpose of the artists of that time. Orozco had a deep humanitarian sympathy with silent suffering masses and in Victims he illustrates his powerful trait. The bony bodies of the unidentified people in Victims is a symbol of the problems that were afoot in the world in 1936. Vast numbers of people were starving, suffering and dying. Orozco used the bodies in his artworks as a symbol of this suffering and successfully draws the focus and the emotions of the viewer. Thus, the artwork has fulfilled its primary purpose. The use of the body in Les Demoiselles d' Avignon by Pablo Picasso symbolizes the change of the way we view art and the body in art. Picasso introduced Cubism to the world. His brave abandonment of the Blue Period for a different and more robust style is seen and conveyed through his art. When Picasso started this picture, it was supposed to be a temptation scene in a brothel. However, he ended up with five nudes and a still life. This artwork was Picasso's own counterpart to Matisse's The Joy of

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calculus differentiation essays

calculus differentiation essays Another way to consider the differentiation is to explain it using graphs. Some functions have curved graphs. In these curved graphs, when x is increased by a small number dx, y can be increased or decreased (depends on the type of the equation) by dy. If we suppose that the amount of increment dx is so small that the curved pattern is almost the same as a straight line, then the ratio of the dy and dx is the slope of the curve. Although we found the slope of the curve, technically we didnt find the slope of the entire curve. Because a curved pattern graph, the slope is changing constantly the slope we found is technically the slope of the curve at a specific point. At specific point if curve is sloping upward by 45 degree dy/dx is one, steeper than 45 degree greater than 1, less steep than 45 degree less than 1. Some curved graphs have a combination of positive and negative slopes and the point where the sign of slope changes is called local minimum or local maximum. Also using the technique to find the differentiation, we can also find the slopes of curves by just looking at the equation. We can also use the differentiation method to find when the y value reaches its maximum or minimum. Sometimes, when the maximum point or the minimum point, is a whole number it is easier to find the value. However, if the value is not the whole number it is much harder to find in a guess and check way. We can use the property from the last chapter to find out this value. Last chapter we learned that at maximum or minimum point the value of dy/dx equals 0. Therefore, if we know the equation of the function find the value of dy over dx which would be another equation contains x. Then set the latter equation equal to zero and solve for x. Then we can simply chug the x value to the original equation to find the y value. Then to determine whether the value is the minimum or the maximum, substitute a number very close to the x value and find y va...

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Marketing Communications Plan for TESCO Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Marketing Communications Plan for TESCO - Essay Example Many retail shopping centers have tried and failed to perform excellently outside their home markets. Likewise, some retailers have led astray trying to develop Internet shopping. As a result, TESCO, the United Kingdom's biggest grocer, has drawn significiant attention because of its ambitious overseas strategy and its successful on-line home delivery service. Another successful key factor that inputs to TESCO sustainable development and growth is the marketing communication plan that provides the detailed overview of the Company’s fiscal policies as for meeting the clients’ needs and providing competitive prices within wisely located grocers all over the world. TESCO understands that successful marketing strategy should be based on customers’ need, that is why the Mission Statement declared for the Company sounds as it follows: â€Å"One of our values is to understand customers better than anyone. We go to great lengths to ask customers what they think, listen to their views, and then act on them. We look both at what customers say and what they do. This feedback guides the decisions we tale† . In view of above, I would like to make a try to complete the marketing communication plan for TESCO within the frames of this paper. I will first give a short overview of the company, then provide financial information on TESCO current operations; afterwards I will give recommendations for putting integrated marketing communications (IMC) to TESCO work and shortly discuss television advertisement strategy for TESCO within the boarders of London.